Weekend Art

Making on the go

On the weekends, our family usually hits the trail. We live in Syracuse, NY, so there are plenty of them to choose from. We even go when there's snow on the ground.

The two male hikers in the family like to take time turning over rocks in search of salamanders or go off the trail in search of toads, frogs, snakes or animal dens. Although now my son also sometimes searches out things for me to draw.

When they veer off, I attack my sketch pad. These sketches are nothing fancy and I seldom get to sit for long periods. In fact, I usually just pause on the trail and draw something near by while standing.

I may start a drawing with one kind of flower, walk further (or run to catch up when necessary) then finish part of what I was doing with another leaf species.

The best part about making while you are on the move is that it removes the pressure of trying to make something that is considered art. At the very least, it encourages me to experiment more.

Although I use these drawings many times for reference when I paint later, I can just play with absolutely no care of where they will end up.

Since most of my drawings are under paintings these days, it's really nice to have a no-rules forum for drawing. It's also about the only time I use a pen these days. Although sometimes I also bring a travel water color set.

A few artist friends of mine recently chatted about how we always bring art supplies with us. Even on vacation. Once you have realized that you love to draw, it sort of becomes a way of life.